Reason why you use slim wallet

Can you think of any reason not to carry around one of the best slim wallets on the market? Neither can we, but we can sure think of a lot of reasons why you should. There are at lot of points of solid, airtight logic behind the benefits of minimalist wallet use and why you should definitely ditch the chunky old money briefcase that you’ve been carrying around.

Carry more cards and less cash.

When travelling overseas, you can often feel safer carrying cash since not every country accepts debit and credit payments as widely as Australia. However, in an increasingly electronic world, debit and credit payments are becoming more common worldwide. It’s also safer to carry cards as opposed to cash, which can’t be accounted for if it’s lost or stolen. Having a slim wallet will ensure you hold more cards and less cash.

Fits anywhere.

Your slim travel wallet will fit anywhere, whether you’re looking to keep it in your front pocket, your shirt pocket, an inside jacket pocket or even inside a travel belt. No matter where you keep it, you won’t be drawing attention with the typical wallet bulge. You’ll also be able to keep it in safer places, which will minimize the risk of being pickpocketed.

Front pocket wallets are so thin, you can carry the phone and the wallet in the same pocket

Some people don’t like to scratch neither their wallet nor their phone with their keys and like to keep those items separate. FOXHACKLE Front Pocket Wallets have such a thin profile, it is perfectly possible to wear your keys in the one pocket, and the phone and the wallet in the other without major bulk!

No More Back Pain

You might be wondering how a slim wallet can improve your health. Carrying a regular sized wallet can actually damage your posture since you most likely carry it in your back pocket. Sitting unevenly, such as on a bulky wallet on one side, can lead to nerve pain, such as Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome. Even if you carry it in your front pocket, the weight and size can damage your posture and ultimately give you back problems. This reason alone should sway you in the direction of a slim wallet, which is both lightweight and thin.

Reduces the chances of the wallet falling out of your pocket

Losing your wallet does happen, especially if you are running to catch a bus or a train, or move about in crowded urban areas. The front pocket is usually tighter, holding your wallet more firmly, and if the wallet would fall out, you would notice it immediately as compared to if your wallet is in your back pocket. A bonus benefit: If you are in the habit of tapping on your back pocket to confirm that the wallet is still there you no longer have to do that when the wallet is in your front pocket.

Smaller = lighter.

If you have a large wallet, it easy to shove anything into it, whether it’s receipts, bills, coins, credit cards or even business cards. After adding all of these unnecessary items into your wallet, you’ll start to feel the weight of it all, especially if you’re keeping your wallet in your pocket. Switching to a slim minimalist wallet will ensure that you can only carry a certain amount of items in it, which means it will be lighter.

They’re stylish and functional.

Slim wallets come in all different sizes, colours and styles. You can choose from leather, black, brown and a variety of other materials and colours. Furthermore, you can opt for an RFID blocking wallet, which can protect your personal information from being skimmed and sold. Switching to a minimalist wallet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

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